Friday, 6 January 2017

8HP Triple Sloth

This module contains 3 Sloth chaos circuits. Each one runs at a different rate; Torpor takes approx. 15-30 seconds to travel around 2 strange attractors, Apathy takes 60-90 seconds and Inertia takes 30-40 minutes.
There are no controls for Inertia, it does what it wants.
The pots for Apathy and Torpor do not specifically alter the frequencies, rather the weight of the outputs. Various settings will cause the signals to spend more time travelling around one strange attractor rather than the other.
Apathy and Torpor also have CV inputs. Sometimes the CV signals are injected onto the chaotic signals but depending upon conditions may cause windows of periodicity or voltage jumps. Generally the results are good.
The X, Y & Z outputs for each Sloth are taken from different stages of the circuit and are all different to each other, although Z is simply the inverted version of Y. The three Z outputs are also fed into a Difference Rectifier and the results of this are available from the + and – outputs at the bottom of the panel. The Difference Rectifier outputs are (ignoring diode voltage drops):
out + = VApathy +VInertia - VTorpor  If greater than 0, otherwise 0
out - = VApathy +VInertia - VTorpor  If less than 0, otherwise 0

 PCB set (2) - US$24
Aluminium Panel - US$20
assembled - US$210

This is not a suitable build for beginners, if you are new to synth DIY, I suggest you get the thru-hole single Sloth.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Multiband distortion does sax

trip on Muffs posted this track, def worth a listen.
His description -
my multiband distortion processor, recently made this weird thing that sounds like a prepared sax:

It's all four channels of the multiband distortion through four vcas in a feedback loop which acts as a kind of noise source, which is then sent through a bunch of filters which are mixed together and sent into back into the other mbd input. Whole thing is modulated by some lfos through two nlc neurons which provide that pinch bendy stuff, it sounds bloody awful and I love it. no wiggling required, analogue physical modelling let's go

Saturday, 10 December 2016

CellF at Mofo in January 2017

Don't forget to head south to Tasmania in late January to see cellF running for 3 days at the Mofo festival. Each day cellf will perform with a different musician (to be announced). All the synth and neural interface designs are by nonlinearcircuits - 100% analogue.

cellF at Mofo info

Thursday, 27 October 2016

ready for a gig

This is my larger eurorack modular, there is another 9U as well, but getting ready for the Mandurah Noize Maschin:

all NLC modules:

top row L-R: DP filter, Multiband Distortion, Doof, Numberwang, Wangernumb, CEM3340 VCO

2nd row - Timbre!, Delay no More, dual LFO, Segue, Chopper, 2x Sloth, 4Seq, CEM3340 VCO, mixer

3rd row - serious VCF, 4Seq, LPG, Brain Custard, Neuron, LPG, bong-0, bong-0, badum Tisss, BOOLs

4th row - Cluster matrix mixer, Giant B0n0, Doof, 32:1, mixer

5th row - Squid Axon, Triad, Triad (triple EG), 1050 mix/sequencer, 8bit Cipher, FK1T VCF, FK1T VCF, Brain Custard, Sloth

6th row - Cellf Voice panel: VCO, dual LFO, VCO, Sauce of Unce, LPG, Difference rectifier, EG, LPG, VCA, EG, Chaos, dual VCA, VC reverb


with just a hint of ginger