Saturday, 28 November 2015

New in 2016

 From Arp2500, this is based on the 1006 Filtamp, minus the is squirty
 The Giant Bono - a delay chip & a PLL with 2 vactrols.........just crap!
based on the ARP 1050 Mix-Sequencer, minus the switches and VCO. It is a standard 8 stage sequencer, or two four stage sequencers, or an 8 stage sequential switch, or two 4 stage sequential switches (good for routing audio and/or CV), or an 8 input mixer, or two 4 input mixers (with an 8 input output anyway) and there is a difference rectifier in there giving the positive and negative results of the difference between stages (1-4) and stages (5-8).
Also the LEDs spin around in a circle giving a nice light show.
16HP, no wiring, all smd.
There's actually not that many parts, the logic chips do all the work

Phaser/Flanger based on the Aries 329. It has 11 matched NPN pairs and a set of matched FETs. It is actually quite simple to match FETs, a circuit will be given in the build guide. Pretty much all surface mount.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Pomona cable holder

Skye of Terminal Sound System very kindly sent me a cable holder and a link to listen to some of his music.
as you can see I am very pleased with the cable holder:

 From this:
To this!

I have TSS's album, A Sun Spinning Backwards, blasting away in the shed. Totally lush and trippy, do yourself a favour!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

TRIAD - triple envelope generator

PCB - US$18
panel - US$20

These are AR or AD generators that will fire on a trigger or a gate, giving envelopes up to approx 25 seconds. A single gate to input 1 will fire all 3 envelopes, when nothing is plugged into inputs 2 & 3.

SMD chips and resistors, but a very easy build with minimal components.

Build guide is HERE

Monday, 12 October 2015

Custom Neurotic panel

Oh yes I still make 4U
tho the astute may notice 2 eurorack modules have slipped into the gaps.

I forgot what a challenge the Neurotic panel is, the transient envelope generators approach weird from opposite directions.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Triple Sloth panel

These are for people who want all 3 types of Sloth chaos
15 second regular
15 minute super
1.5 hour stasis
assembled triple Sloth - US$220

12HP Panel - US$35 each
three PCBs - US$24 (US$8 each)

4HP Single Sloth panels are still available for US$20 each

assembled single Sloth (any type) - US$85

Shipping of PCBs/panels by regular airmail is US$5 per order.
Shipping of assembled modules is only by registered post - US$15 per order

 Stasis Sloth output over a 10 hour period